Skill to Collaborate-so important ,yet so rare

Why do people find it so difficult to work together- across organizations, cultures, sometimes even families. All of us know that to be effective at work, in any setting ,be it office, home , social gathering , politics, etc, we must collaborate with each other. The more people collaborate , significant relationships can be developed. With collaboration, more work gets done and  important problems in society  get resolved. It is not just about individual success, but when people work with each other, share ideas, influence each other, and collaborate , it is about team success. Results cannot be achieved in silos. However small be your task, you always have to work with someone to achieve it.

And yet we find that the single most essential skill that people at all levels tend to underestimate is the skill of collaborative working. There are several reasons associated with this, some important once that I have noticed are inflated ego’s, hesitation to communicate , sometimes people see it as a lot of hard work to get everyone on the same page ,impatience, poor leadership etc.

In today’s dynamic work culture, when organizations are more global , leaders need to bring together a diverse set of views ,harness ideas, avoid working in silos, create and encourage team workings, collaborate to deliver faster & better results . Technology has made all this possible by providing the best of collaboration tools. But technology alone is not enough. There needs to be a mindset change and a willingness to collaborate and work together. People need to communicate and talk to each other.

As a coach and manager, I have worked with several individuals to help them understand the importance of improving their collaboration skills & work across cultures & geographies to achieve their common goals. Develop your leadership style to bring in a collaborative work culture.

I would like to understand your thoughts on the subject of Collaboration. Your comments and experiences are welcome.

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