How to manage the Tsunami of Change

“A version of this post originally ran on the Lead Change Group site on 16th May 2018 and can be read at   With the onslaught of AI and other disrupting technologies, the workplace will undergo rapid changes. In the VUCA world, employees are struggling and constantly challenged to move out of their comfort zones.

Leadership wisdom from my Dad

The month of July marks the birthday of my late father. My father has left a great impact on my life. On reflecting, I learned my basic leadership lessons from him. These lessons even to this day have been the core reason behind my success in career and life. My father was a great disciplinarian, […]

The Tough Choice- Swim upstream or remain in status quo.

To develop in our careers we must push out of our comfort zone. The willingness to swim upstream must be strong, as it requires taking a risk. I was in the same role for over three years and was not happy with the status quo. In the past, some of my own preconceived opinions had […]