Being kind isn’t part of the job description

Many leaders share this belief. They confuse the meaning of toughness and operate with the belief that effective leaders require being tough as nails to inspire respect. Their intimidating behavior tends to suppress their team members from expressing themselves freely and this, the leader than assumes as a sign of respect by the teams. What amazes me is that even if such leaders are decent people they tend to hide their true selves, projecting toughness and sending waves of fear through their teams. Such leaders like to be firm and distant from their people and them, unfortunately, believe that this keeps the teams on their toes and fear delivers the best results.

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Thinking Flexibly

In one of the organizations that I worked with, there was a decision to make changes in the working environment.The decision to tear down hierarchies and move to open space environment was done with an intention of encouraging more communication among teams and have a collaborative work culture. The open floor plan was also meant to increase productivity and help in cutting down cost.  This was a major transition for some managers who considered a private office as a perk and resisted looking at the bigger picture.While the facilities team had a great process in place to complete this transition, they had not prepared for managing the people side of the change. While some noise was expected, what unfolded , rocked their plans. The entire transition took more than the scheduled time.
Those managers that resisted the move had different reasons, but none of those reasons were convincing enough.They were more of their personal belief’s, that they were finding hard to let go.
Being open to different perspectives , understanding the need of the hour and being flexible & adaptive is a key leadership strength. Flexibility allows you to thrive in undefined situations and any change, however, big or small does not become a hindrance for personal growth. You may be a capable leader, but if you are not flexible and adaptive, you would find it hard to be successful.
In order to elevate yourself to the next level in the modern world of business, you need to be flexible. In today’s rapidly changing, complex business world, information is available freely, situations are changing by the hour, leaders are expected to be agile. Don’t allow your personal belief’s to limit your growth. 
Be flexible and encourage your teams to be flexible. The best leaders that I have worked with have a flexible approach in their leadership styles.

“There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life.” 

― Theodore Roosevelt